Ability to Split one payment into multiple Pledges

When receiving a credit card payment from an online giving page, users only have to option to Delete or reverse the credit card gift, and create separate cash gifts for the amounts wanted to be applied to multiple pledges.  This method can skew the query results, or can create an extra step every time we exclude the reversed transactions from the queries created in the future.  there should be a way to take that gift and split it any way wanted, to any or multiple pledges with the chosen amount for each pledge. 

-Ability to split gift in multiple ways - (Pledges for example) 

-Function to convert gift to payment - This function should be modified to allow for payment toward more than one pledge, or the option to choose the amount being applied.

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  • Nov 29 2017
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  • Kim Ferguson commented
    November 29, 2017 16:03

    This is a fantastic idea.

    This would alleviate any possible errors while trying to perform a work around.

    Why can a customer pay once online and have us apply their payment to the two or three things that they owe for? The Convert gift to payment option only allows for the payment to be fully applied, not partially or split between multiple pledges.

  • Kim Ferguson commented
    November 29, 2017 16:05

    *Why can't