Use account number on DIY forms to match DIY form users with their eTap account

Currently, when someone fills out an eTap DIY form, they have to fill out all of their contact info (name, address, email) to submit the form. It is this contact info that eTap relies on to match the person filling out the form with their eTap account. This helps avoid duplicating accounts. This is fine for forms that are for a one-time use, however, for forms created to be used by people on a weekly basis (such as volunteers), having to fill out their account information every time becomes cumbersome and irritating. I would like to suggest that eTap develops technology that allows DIY forms to use just the account number to match accounts. So, we would assign people a "volunteer number" that would really just be their account number in eTap, and this would be the only identifier they would need to fill out on the DIY form in order for eTap to match the person filling out the form with their account already created in eTap.

  • Lisa Hoover
  • Jan 12 2018
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